Beets, for some reason, have always intimidated me.  I’ve heard horror stories of their countertop, cutting board, skin and clothing staining properties.  I’ve heard many a person discuss how much they dislike beets, both texture and flavor.  It is also easy to be intimidated by any food, especially produce, that I’ve never eaten or cooked with before.  Spending the big bucks on organic beets was a gamble, but yet, I was feeling risky that day.

When searching for beet recipes, I was tempted to go with one of the sweeter options, such as beet brownies or cake.  I eventually  decided I should actually cook a meal with them, as to discover the full potential of their true flavor.  I found a recipe for beet risotto.  The photo of this creamy, bright red rice looked so intriguing!  I’m a decent risotto-maker already, so this was an easy choice.

I made the following changes from la tartine gourmande’s post.

  • Onion instead of shallot (I already had onions and had no shallots, was mainly too lazy to go to the store)
  • Addition of roasted garlic (yum)
  • Followed risotto cooking directions on package regarding amount of broth
  • No hazelnut flour (didn’t see a need for it)
  • No fresh herbs (didn’t have them, too lazy to get them, needed to use my dried anyway)

Otherwise, I sauteed some onion and the roasted beets together. . .

. . . and my drink has to match my food . . .

The risotto, remaining red onion, roasted garlic, and vegetable broth: the beginnings of something beautiful.

We will not forget to thank the husband, who helped out by cooking our organic protein.

After the original beet/onion saute was pureed, it was mixed into the risotto.  Look at that color!  And you can’t make risotto without plenty of parmesan cheese.

The finished product!  It was quite yummy, if I say so myself.  The sweet flavor of the beets married beautifully with the salty risotto.  Add some chicken that had been cooked with the same herbs I threw into the risotto . . . I’m getting hungry describing it all!


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