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Eggplant Curry

We live in a small town, which does not provide us with access to large grocery stores with beautiful organic produce.  When we make a trip to ‘the city,’ as us rural folks like to refer to any town with 100,000+ people, I almost always make a trip to the grocery store and stock up … Continue reading


Beets, for some reason, have always intimidated me.  I’ve heard horror stories of their countertop, cutting board, skin and clothing staining properties.  I’ve heard many a person discuss how much they dislike beets, both texture and flavor.  It is also easy to be intimidated by any food, especially produce, that I’ve never eaten or cooked … Continue reading

The Half Plate Method at Work

I enjoy salads.  I do.  Sometimes I feel as if salad-eating is a prerequisite to being a dietitian.  But after a while, salads get boring.  To ensure I don’t slack on my salad loving, I desperately try to come up with ways to improve the salad eating experience. When I try to develop ways to … Continue reading